Peak Turn Key Investing
"Complete Turn-Key Consulting for the Real Estate Investor"

"Turn-Key Investing"

Who else would like to get started or
jump start their investing career?

Do You Have the CASH....but Not the Time, Experience or Confidence yet to "Pull the Trigger" by yourself on Buying, Fixing and Selling Properties?

Would you like to:

  • Buy foreclosures and REO (bank owned) properties?
  • Buy them, have them rehabbed and then sell them for profit?
  • Buy them, have them rehabbed and keep them for rentals?
  • Or flip wholesale deals while being able to offer your investors complete construction renovation as well to seal the deal?

Would you like to invest in any of these methods but feel you
lack the time, experience or just need some assistance?

  • We can help you achieve your investment goals!

  • You can now work with our professional team!

With our Complete Turnkey Program Investing we can offer you with the following services!

  1. Finding REO, Foreclosure and Short Sale deals to match your budget and goals.

  2. Making the necessary offers for you.

  3. Get the complete renovation work done in a timely fashion.

  4. Assist with the exit strategy to sell the house.

  5. Provide you with your our team of experts to help your decision making.

    1. Real Estate Agents that work for you to qualify the purchase and sale prices!

    2. Recommend Attorneys that understand REO's, Short Sales and Foreclosures

    3. Title companies that "complete" Short Sales, and other tough (but profitable) deals

    4. Home Inspection Services

    5. Licensed Contractors to get the work done fast

    6. Management team for evaluations, consulting, and performance

And the best part is....

You keep all the profits when the house is sold as we
are your support team, not your partner!

What do we get?

  1. A fee for finding and securing the property only after you approve the price and close on the property.

  2. The opportunity to get the rehab contract (or you can use your own licensed and insured contractor)

    Some deals now require very little or basically no rehabs! Many REO properties are in very good condition requiring cosmetic work only.

    If rehab is needed and you give us the job, we will get the work done fast.
    Getting the renovation work completed correctly is a major stumbling block for many investors after they buy the house.

    We know what the houses needs, what materials to use, what sizzle features to put in the house, and most importantly.....WHAT NOT TO DO! ---- So total gut to cosmetics, it is still your choice.

    We can also provide Construction Management Services using your licensed and insured contractor.

    We have an excellent 25 year track record for completing our own projects as well as other projects for selected investors.

  3. The Opportunity to provide a mortgage to the retail buyer

  4. A satisfied client to refer us to other investors.


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Newark Englewood Edison East Brunswick
Purchase Price ($): 96,000 135,000 182,000 180,000
Renovation Cost ($): 30,000 47,000 52,000 48,000
Total Investment ($): 126,000 182,000 234,000 228,000
Sold Price ($): 215,000 263,000 350,000 315,000
LTV: 59% 69% 66% 70%

We will work with a "limited number" of serious investors
We are still very active and busy with our own projects.

  • We are in the investment business full time.
  • We get deals passing through us everyday.
  • REO's, Foreclosures, Short Sales, Probate Deals, Defunct Investor Deals, etc.

Some we take and others we pass on or wholesale them depending on our time schedule and work load......or now...

We will find and offer these deals to our selected and accepted
"Turnkey Investor Clients".

We can search for your criteria for investing, and when we find it, offer it to you, make the offer and seal the deal.


We can help you with the evaluation and still offer the same Turnkey Program with a property you found!

What do you need to become a client?

  • The commitment to get started and succeed.
  • Cash must be available on most deals in order to get favorable offers accepted. (this is the key to getting great deals)
  • We will require you show us proof of your funds before we make offers.

When we get aggressive, use our contacts and make killer offers, nobody wants egg on their face because of lack of funds for the closing.

Turn-Key Investing Summary

Our turnkey real estate investment approach includes:
  • Property Search and Selections or (Evaluate Yours)
    Finding profitable distressed properties can be an exhausting experience. If you have a property in mind, Peak can evaluate the potential for your review and decision. If you don't have the time or resources to have a steady flow of deals to evaluate, you would greatly benefit from Peak's large affiliate network and mix of techniques used in finding profitable properties.

    Properties that are considered are a mix of Foreclosures, Short Sales, Vacant Houses, Bank Owned properties as well as defunct investor deals where they usually sell at fire sale prices to recoup some of their investment.

    Peak Properties, LLC has a large referral network of Wholesalers, REO Realtors, Short Sale Expeditors and Bird Dogs who submit potential deals to us on a regular basis.

    Peak Properties, LLC will conduct a specific search of properties based on your financial situation, comfort level, experience and profit expectation.

    All properties will have already been evaluated by our team of experts so that you will better be able to decide if that particular project is suitable for you.

    Because of our due diligence process, you will know everything about the project before you purchase it. You will know how much cash you will need to invest, what renovations are needed, who will make the renovations, how much the renovations will cost, who will manage your investment property, and what your exit strategy will be.

  • Analyzing Each Property
    Peak Properties, LLC immediately identifies the type property for evaluation. We understand how to enhance the value of a distressed property and making it attractive to new buyers.

    There are many important factors to consider when analyzing a property such as:

    • The Neighborhood
    • Location of House
    • Type of House
    • Style, Design and Layout of the House
    • Property Size and Grading
    • As-is Value
    • Renovation Cost
    • After Repaired Value
    • Exit Strategy

    Problem houses or houses with serious defects are not considered nor approved for the Turnkey Investing Program. Some of these conditions are as follows:

    • Poor or undesirable location ie: gas station, auto body shop, river, stream, flood areas or any environmental hazard area
    • Structural problems with foundation or roof
    • Excessive asbestos or mold infestation
    • Leaking underground oil tanks
    • Excessive wood destroying insect problem
    • Excessive water problem from underground source
    • Slanted floors with floor to wall separation

    The typical type houses we do consider are the ones that mainly need cosmetic repair to complete renovation of exterior and interior within the confines of the budget.

    Many houses only need to be updated with a new modern kitchen, bath, windows, carpet, paint and doors. Houses that need only minor cosmetic work offer a modest return on investment

    Houses that need larger renovations usually command a higher profit margin and the repairs are generally used as a tool to reduce the asking price to a more favorable price.

    Such larger renovations include such repairs and replacement of:

    • Siding, roof, heating system, new plumbing, new electric wiring, new walls and ceilings, insulation, moldings, floors, stairs, kichen and baths.

    Here is where one needs to be experienced to decide how much renovation is too much.

    Many investors don't calculate all their costs associated with purchasing, holding and selling a property. We use a formula for buying, holding and selling any property so the investor is aware of all the costs. Then the investor can evaluate their financial position to make sure they are capable of financing the project until the estimated selling date.

  • Submit Offers
    Submitting the proper offer on a property is another key step in successfully getting the property at your optimum price. After the due diligence and evaluation of a property, you can submit your offer directly to the seller based on the renovation and after repaired value of the house.

    Peak Properties, LLC is not a real estate company nor is it licensed to represent any person in a real estate or legal transaction. You are our client where we offer our guidance and consulting service to help you gather the necessary information to make an informed decision on the purchase of a particular property.

    Suggested contracts are the same contracts real estate agents use in their purchase and sale transactions. All offers would need to be signed by you, reviewed by your attorney and a deposit check from your account.

    We can assist you in filling out the contracts which all have a 3 day attorney review period for your protection. These contracts have an inspection clause which makes having the property inspected a condition as well as it being satisfactory to you before the contract can become binding.

  • Due Diligence
    Our due diligence program creates a buffer between our tunkey investors and the sellers. Through our due diligence process, our team, and our experience in the industry, we identify and avoid property misrepresentations. Unscrupulous real estate sellers will not take advantage of our clients because our clients deal directly with us and not the sellers.

    Now is the time to do investigative work to insure a trouble free investment.

    The investor is now required to spend a little money on any inspection that may cause a problem ie, home inspection, if necessary, any oil tank scans for underground tanks, septics, plumbing issues and anything else not verified by the home inspection.

  • Liaison to Closing Agents
    Peak Properties, LLC can help you with the necessary co-ordination between the seller and the closing attorney or title company. You will receive a title policy ensuring clear title on the property in your name or company name.

    If there are any second or third liens on the property, Peak Properties, LLC can also assist you in getting possible reductions of the liens which will actually give you a lower purchase price if successful.

    You can use your own attorney and title company or use our contacts as well. You are always in control, always have a choice, but we are just a call away for assistance.

  • Renovation
    One of the biggest fears of real estate investors is renovating a property. They may think a property is a great deal, getting it at a great price and or offers excellent cash flow opportunities, but they may not know the first thing about fixing it up. Or they have heard horror stories of how investors hired contractors and then got stuck with an unfinished project.

    In addition, they may just not have time to execute or supervise the renovations even if they knew how to do the renovations.

    Peak Properties, LLC Tunkey Investing program takes the anxiety and fear out of renovating your investment property. In fact, we estimate and create the plan to renovate it during the due diligence process. Before you even purchase the home, you will know what needs to be done, how much it will cost, and who will perform them for you.

    Peak Properties, LLC has been in the construction business and investing business for over 25 years. We have completed hundreds of projects and can easily handle your renovation. We either contract out, or perform the work ourselves with our partnering licensed and insured contracting company.

    You will also have a project manager for your project who will also oversee the project to its completion.

    We offer a complete turnkey renovation from exterior to interior to getting the Certificate of Occupancy for your new buyer.

    Having Peak Properties, LLC as your construction manager/contractor, ensures you getting a complete and satisfactory renovation. Our past portfolio speaks for itself. We have completed renovations, new construction, modular construction, residential, and commercial construction and are familiar with every aspect of any renovation project.

    This is a major "key" factor in our turnkey program.

  • Exit Strategies
    Real Estate Investors often face the task of figuring out the best exit strategies before becoming involved in any given situation. The nature of each investment plan will determine the best exit strategies available.

    Two distinct plans are:

    1. Planning on holding a property long term (as a rental) and
    2. Planning on making money as quickly as possible

    There are a couple of ways to exit the property. Usually we recommend listing the house with a top gun real estate agency in the area where the investment property is located.

    If the house can be priced under the others, you will stand a better chance of someone buying your house than any other. Offering buyer concessions is also a big factor in people buying houses.

    One way we start with offering the property is with a "Flat Fee Listing" whereas you list the house in the MLS but for a flat fee of a few hundred dollars. The idea here is you will be offering the same 5 or 6 % to whoever brings a buyer. There is no split with the real estate you listed the house with in the MLS. That is why it's called a flat fee listing.

    Also another method we recommend is to offer the agent who brings a buyer anywhere from a $1,000 to $3,000 bonus! This has agents all over waking up in the morning to try to sell your house first!

    Capital gains or business income or tax questions should be answered by your tax accountant. Peak Properties, LLC nor any of it's team member offer any tax or legal advice. Please seek the appropriate professionals.

Our turn-key approach allows anyone with a modest amount of capital to enjoy the benefits of investing in the short term real estate market. Because we take care of as much or as little of the details, our investors can continue to be involved as much or as little as they desire which allows them to continue with their daily routine, job, business or vacation.

If this sounds like something you have been waiting for,
let us know asap!

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